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​Jacqueline Wilson What's in your case?

Bassoonist Dr. Jacqueline Wilson is Assistant Professor of Music at Southeast Missouri State University. Along with oboist Galit Kaunitz, she is also the co-creator and co-host of the only double-reed specific podcast, Double Reed Dish ( She is an active chamber music collaborator and a founding member of the Driftless Winds reed trio ( Jacqui (Yakama) is especially passionate about diversity and American Indian representation in classical music and frequently performs the works of Native composers.  

Instrument – I play on a Puchner 5000 compact bassoon with the dark red (Traditional) finish. I got the instrument new in 2013 at the IDRS conference in Redlands, CA. I knew it was time for an upgrade, so I went to all of the booths and tried pretty much everything with an open mind. For me, the Puchner was a perfect fit. Jessica Nelson and the amazing team at Midwest Musical Imports helped facilitate the purchase. 

Bocals – I have several bocals but I nearly always pair this instrument with my Puchner BD1 bocal. 

Reeds / Reed case – I’m bit compulsive with my reeds and have several different cases for reeds in various stages of development. Along with the occasional altoids case, my two primary reeds cases are the rigotti 10 reed case, which I use for my performance-worthy reeds and the Ann Hodge ‘double decker” 20 reed case, which I use for reeds I’m breaking in. My only complaint about the 20 reed case is that the reeds sometimes come loose from whatever side is face down, so you have to be careful when opening it. 

Bassoon case – I have a Marcus Bonna gentleman’s model bassoon case. It came with the instrument and so far so good! As nearly anyone who uses a Bonna case knows – make sure is it zipped and always Velcro the handles shut to avoid disaster! A fair amount of basset hound hair seems to find its way into my case, so I have to be sure to vacuum it often.  


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On the bench - Contra bassoon modification

On the bench - Contra bassoon modification

21 September 2020

An interesting job landed on my bench this month

Jamie Dodd - What's in your case?

Jamie Dodd - What's in your case?

1 August 2019

Brisbane native, Jamie Dodd, will begin studying bassoon at the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, New York ) in August 2019, where he will learn from Professor George Sakakeeny. Fine out what is going (and not going) with him to the USA. 

Repairs and Custom Work

Repairs and Custom Work

13 December 2018

The Bassoon Factory repair bench can be found at the wonderful workshop of Ozwinds Brass and Woodwind - Brisbane. All manor of jobs are carried out from minor adjustments and servicing, to overhauls and custom modifications. All instruments welcome from student Schreibers to professional Heckels and the occasional Contra Bassoon.



On the bench - An unusual modification

On the bench - An unusual modification

9 August 2018

I have always found musical instruments fascinating. The precision and engineering of the mechanics, combined with the beauty and flowing lines of the keywork, every aspect of an instruments design has a history. It was no surprise then that when an unusual bassoon modification crossed my bench recently I just had to find out more about it

Errol Buddle - Australia's own Jazz Bassoonist.

Errol Buddle - Australia's own Jazz Bassoonist.

27 May 2018

A homage to the world of Jazz Bassoon. 

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