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What' in your case? - Tanya Campbell

Morticia and I have always had a special relationship. Understanding the ins and outs, strengths and weaknesses as well as her little idiosyncrasies. As the years have progressed and my playing has improved I have slowly added to the contents of case, a selection of gear that I consider essential for me to always have handy. I thought I might share with you 'What's in My Case'.

Instrument - 1998 Fox Renard 242D. Modifications include a Musson bassoon spike and an added aftermarket high E key. I have also recently added an Ortwein Woodwind high A bridge key. 

Bocals - Heckle No 0 (Don't ask me why but I do), Fox C No's 1 & 2, Fox CVX No 2

Reeds / Reed case - Selection of Bassoon Factory reeds (of course!) and a MH Legere.  I try and have a few different reeds to suit different ensemble and acoustical situation. The Legere is perfect for any pit work I do with doubling or concert band style groups where I need a lot of projection and stability.  My reed case is my first Bassoon Factory reed case I ever made. Slightly sentimental.

Case - Marcus Bonna case - I am surprised just how much stuff I can put in here.

Other - No wonder my case is so heavy. Geez. 

Double Reed Geek - I carry this instead of any other reed making equipment. - In Australia

Lefreque Silver plated double Reed Sound Bridge. - This little device has opened up my lower register and made slurring much smoother. In Australia

RondoFile - This is my go to folder for all my music. 

LaTromba Cork grease - Just in case. 

Korg Slimpitch Contact Tuner - works in all situations especially in a really noisy space. 

• Seat Strap - I can not always use my spike. 

• Fox Balance Hanger and Kolbl Harness - Just incase I have to stand or need to double on Sax. 

• Pencil and cleaners - Of course. 

Comments - Although I don't always need all this stuff with my work you never know. Where ever possible I have included a link to Australian suppliers of this stuff. Where things are readily available from many retailers I have not worried. I am all for supporting and shopping locally. 

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On the bench - Contra bassoon modification

On the bench - Contra bassoon modification

21 September 2020

An interesting job landed on my bench this month

Jamie Dodd - What's in your case?

Jamie Dodd - What's in your case?

1 August 2019

Brisbane native, Jamie Dodd, will begin studying bassoon at the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, New York ) in August 2019, where he will learn from Professor George Sakakeeny. Fine out what is going (and not going) with him to the USA. 

Repairs and Custom Work

Repairs and Custom Work

13 December 2018

The Bassoon Factory repair bench can be found at the wonderful workshop of Ozwinds Brass and Woodwind - Brisbane. All manor of jobs are carried out from minor adjustments and servicing, to overhauls and custom modifications. All instruments welcome from student Schreibers to professional Heckels and the occasional Contra Bassoon.



On the bench - An unusual modification

On the bench - An unusual modification

9 August 2018

I have always found musical instruments fascinating. The precision and engineering of the mechanics, combined with the beauty and flowing lines of the keywork, every aspect of an instruments design has a history. It was no surprise then that when an unusual bassoon modification crossed my bench recently I just had to find out more about it

Errol Buddle - Australia's own Jazz Bassoonist.

Errol Buddle - Australia's own Jazz Bassoonist.

27 May 2018

A homage to the world of Jazz Bassoon. 

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