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Fur Babies case inspirations.

My reed cases have always given me a creative outlet and I really enjoy the process of designing a new image. I seem however to have developed a bit of a theme that has been embraced by my clients. That inspiration has come from my two fur babies, Tris and Beatrice. 

I always wanted cats but my better half was allergic to them. After many years of hinting and subtly nagging he finally said yes and off I went. No pet shop for me, I went straight to a small rescue centre in Sydney called Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue. There I came across the most beautiful little cat called Beatrice. She had an angelic face, the most beautiful markings and real inquisitive nature. Even better she was deaf which I thought at the time was great in a household of musicians. There was just one catch, she really was no good on her own and needed the companionship of her brother Tris, a tri colour male. So there I was trying to explain to Drew that I was looking at not only a disabled kitty but a genetically challenged one too. 

Lucky for me I got the best of both worlds with these two. Beatrice is a real explorer and escape artist, I taught her simple sign language commands and take her for walks on her lead. Tris is my big loveable cuddle bear who has to have a paw on you at all times. Thankfully Drew's allergies have subsided and he too has embraced their crazy lifestyle. I even set up their own instagram account. 

So how is this related to bassoon? Well it is not but it has become a request I often get when designing custom work for people. They too want a way of celebrating their fur babies on a reed case. 



On the bench - Contra bassoon modification

On the bench - Contra bassoon modification

21 September 2020

An interesting job landed on my bench this month

Jamie Dodd - What's in your case?

Jamie Dodd - What's in your case?

1 August 2019

Brisbane native, Jamie Dodd, will begin studying bassoon at the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, New York ) in August 2019, where he will learn from Professor George Sakakeeny. Fine out what is going (and not going) with him to the USA. 

Repairs and Custom Work

Repairs and Custom Work

13 December 2018

The Bassoon Factory repair bench can be found at the wonderful workshop of Ozwinds Brass and Woodwind - Brisbane. All manor of jobs are carried out from minor adjustments and servicing, to overhauls and custom modifications. All instruments welcome from student Schreibers to professional Heckels and the occasional Contra Bassoon.



On the bench - An unusual modification

On the bench - An unusual modification

9 August 2018

I have always found musical instruments fascinating. The precision and engineering of the mechanics, combined with the beauty and flowing lines of the keywork, every aspect of an instruments design has a history. It was no surprise then that when an unusual bassoon modification crossed my bench recently I just had to find out more about it

Errol Buddle - Australia's own Jazz Bassoonist.

Errol Buddle - Australia's own Jazz Bassoonist.

27 May 2018

A homage to the world of Jazz Bassoon. 

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